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Seafront menu


• Octopus tentacle

With potato cream, pizzaiola sauce and chard


★ • Seafood starter variations

Trio starters of the chef's choice


Selection of raw seafood

2 Oysters, 2 Red Prawns, 3 Tartar


• Raw oysters

With cucumber and green apple granita


• Mussel soup

With cherry tomatoes and crusty bread


• Tuna Tartar

With potato foam, poached egg and crispy bacon 3-4-6-7


Veal with tuna sauce

With spices and eggs in cocotte, caper powder and cherry tomatoes 3-4


Our Sushi

Crispy rice chips, avocado, salmon tartar, nori seaweed and soy


Mixed cured meats and cheeses


Burrata with vegetable caponata

With basil pesto, olive powder and toasted pine nuts




Green salad

Organic product


Mixed salad

Organic products


Summer Salad

Green Salad, Chard, Eggs, Cherry Tomatoes and Tuna Confit 3-4


Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil



Fresh homemade pasta

Potato ravioli, pecorino and mint

Potato and mint ravioli, with cherry tomatoes and sea urchins


Square Spaghetti

With avocado cream, marinated tuna tartar and bottarga



With seafood, cherry tomatoes and basil


• Risotto

With prawns, Jerusalem artichoke cream and bottarga



Octopus amatriciana and sweet pecorino


Wild boar ravioli

Its sauce, vegetables and parmesan


Gnocchi with ragù

Child portion


Tomato dumpling

Child portion



• Crispy fried fish

Squid and shrimp


★ • Catch of the Day

Depending on availability


Slice of amberjack

On cream of purple potatoes, sauce on leeks and toasted hazelnuts


Larded tuna

With celery cream, green sauce and olive powder


Sardinian pig

With cream of potatoes, chard and demi-glace


Selection of Meats

Grilled (Tomahawk or Sirloin)
€8 per 100 g



Green salad


Mixed salad


Baked potatoes


French fries


Vegetable caponata





Prepared by the Chef

Our Rocher

Hazelnut cream with Rocher icing and chocolate sand


Brownies al Cioccolato

Con nocciola croccanti e gelato fiordilatte


★ Cassata semifreddo


Homemade tiramisu


Catalan cream

With pistachio


Typical seadas

With Honey or Sugar


Lemon sorbet


Nutella cup

2 Scoops of Fiordilatte, Nutella, Whipped Cream, Hazelnut Granules and Chocolate Coulis


Pistachio cup

2 Scoops of fiordilatte, organic pistachio cream, whipped cream and chopped pistachios


Pecorino, dried fruit and jam


Seasonal fruit


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